CHS Payment Solutions

CHS Payment Solutions

Credit card processing simplified

With more than 4 decades of experience, CHS Payment Solutions is the answer for transparent, 积极主动的, and personal credit card processing. Always striving to be one step ahead, our company pioneered the automated fueling pump for customers to pay at the pump many years ago. 今天, merchants in more than 20 states rely on our services for timely transaction processing, simplified accounting, dependable cash flow and superior customer service. From our initial pay-at-the-pump breakthrough to today’s innovations, we remain committed to helping merchants build business success through credit card processing.

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Equipment to support your needs

CHS supports a wide range of Point of Sale (POS) solutions, giving you the power to choose what option works best for your location. Whether it be a smaller countertop standalone terminal or a robust system that controls your store and pumps, CHS Payment Solutions has what you need. 也, in partnering with a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we can provide managed security services and devices to all our customers.

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Detailed online reporting

Merchant Services Online Access (MSOA) is our free online reporting tool that allows customers to easily verify credit card details across all locations. It is a direct point of access to store deposits, batch summaries, statements and more all conveniently online 24/7. Customers can view up to 18 months of helpful information to streamline their business and save time.

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Value-added services for success

CHS Payment Solutions knows that providing customers with quality services keeps them coming back. We offer add-on programs for check processing and third-party gift card racks to add value inside store locations. Our check program eliminates your need to deposit checks at the bank and our third-party gift card program provides you with an additional source of commissioned income – win win!

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